Sunday, April 26, 2009


I posted this video on Facebook with the idea that the only person who would see it would be the friend I tagged, but I got a lot of surprisingly good feedback. I don't think it's my best, but I think it's sort of funny. I'm a little proud...


  1. YAYUH.
    Can we have a gee-tar/ukulele duet soon? We'll be the epitome of famous. And taking songs like this and mixing them up all acoustic is what I DOES.
    And I am okay. I've just been stricken with one of those bouts of bad moods, probably related to the fact that my anti-period/baby pills are about to finish up their run and I have three months worth of PMS coming my way. Hmm, I hope no one ever reads this.
    But your comment brightened up my day, especially the part about me being "GREAT AT A LOT OF THINGS THAT OTHER PEOPLE SUCK AT."
    And I think we roadtrip, Mexico.

  2. Gah I just watched it two more times.
    So good.
    I love it when you say the second syllable of "Emergency." And "lie" and "die." SO BEAUTIFUL. Move over Taylor Swift.
    P.S. my last comment posted at 11:11!!! Yes!

  3. WOAH! You're an amazing singer. Do you link country??

    anyway, what i'm interested in is your bed space. crazy i know. I was just looking in the background.. are you in college, or do you just have a huge draw-type-thing undearneath your bed. Your room looks heaps look, either way.