Sunday, February 8, 2009


Keeping busy has always been important to me. I love the idea of sitting at home while drinking hot cocoa and reading the funnies for all of Sunday, but it's something I could never actually do. I'm terrible at sitting still for long periods of time (I actually cried after I took the SATs), and I just think that life's too short to just sit. So this Sunday I: took a shower, got dressed, drank some tea, read the Sunday ads, watched Best Week Ever, met Lydia at Thrift Town, spent a good hour and a half there, walked to Valencia & 17th where we enjoyed some really excellent burritos, walked to Clarion "mural" Alley where we took some pictures, walked the long haul to Guerrero & 26th where we explored a second-hand clothing store called Painted Bird, walked to the 24th & Mission BART Station, bid Lydia farewell, met up with some camp friends (specifically: Sierra, Skylar, and Maya), walked to Maya's house in Bernal Heights, played Taboo and Scattegories, walked back down to Mission where we enjoyed more delicious Mexican food, bid Maya farewell, walked back to the BART station, bid Skylar farewell, took BART to Oakland where I enjoyed a really amazing Warriors game (We won! We never win!). Phew.

Sorry for rambling, and sorry for assuming that you all would like to hear just exactly what I did on my not-so-lazy Sunday.

Here are some pictures form Mural Alley:

My boyfriend.

In case it's illegible: "The life of any street art project is never long and it's getting shorter every day, making my heart and soul heavy with sorrow and disappointment. It is much easier to destroy than it is to create. I truely hope that things get better."

Everything is thrifted (even the Urban Outfitter jeans!) except the bag (Roxy... I know, It's a little embarrassing, right?) and my black Converse high-tops.

This post reminds me of Calvin & Hobbes:

And that's why I like not-so-lazy Sundays.


  1. These are slexy. And stop saying you aren't a good model cause you actually is. You are like a bird (cue the Nelly Furtado pre-ghetto stage) in that last one — graceful and windswept. I am veddy excite for my post, which I will try to make happen tomorrow.
    And I love you for crying after the SATs. I laughed so hard (sorry <3)because it's so...true. Nothing makes me sadder. But not they're OVER forEVER.

  2. I love the second picture with your boyfriend :)

    But no, srsly, the colors in that picture are great - the hot pink mural and the bright blue of your sweater is lovely.