Sunday, February 1, 2009

I like... FOOTBALL.

OK, so I like football. This almost makes me a man, or maybe a lesbian, but I can't help loving it. With three half-brothers, and a live-in cousin who bench-presses more than my weight, it's just something I have been raised to enjoy. I just finished watching the Superbowl, and even though my dear old Cardinals lost, it was a great game. I love the wincing, shouting, and jumping that goes into watching a good football game. My cousin, Benny, and I were pretty much hysterical the whole time-- except for halftime of course. Bruce Springstein? Really?

The Steelers' head coach is named Mike Tomlin. He looks exactly like Omar Epps (from House). It's a little scary. Take a look:

I know this is a little on the random/absurd side, but Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry look the same too! Look:

Ok, I''ll stop now.

This whole blogging thing is harder than I thought it would be. I am someone who rarely feels any sort of embarrassment or shame, but I keep thinking that the blog world won't like all the things that I like. Does it really matter? Well, I guess not, since no one really reads this anyway. But it actually does matter (a little), because I want to be proud of whatever I post in blog world. Maybe football wasn't the best idea, but it's the most honest thing I can think of posting right now. I LIKE FOOTBALL. I really really do.

And that's why I like football.

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