Saturday, February 21, 2009

I like... SEX & THE CITY.

Since I have no significant other, I had a hard time making plans for Valentine's Day. I've always found Sex & The City to be a very empowering show. I could always relate to what Carrie was talking about, and I knew that she wouldn't make me feel bad for spending a lonely Valentine's Day on my sofa with a tub of Nutella. I decided to host the first annual Valentine's Day Sex & The City Pajamarama Marathon. ALL DAY. What better way to spend Valentine's Day? At a school like mine, where 95% of girls are single, I didn't have a hard time finding other people to watch with me. I devoured 17 episodes plus the movie. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. Even as my eyes began to sting, I couldn't look away from the TV set. I had to keep watching.

Some of the day's Favorites:


"Bay of Married Pigs"
The episode is about the secret cold war between the married and unmarried. Miranda's co-worker thinks Miranda is a lesbian, and fixes her up with his lesbian friend. Miranda decides to go with the flow when she and her date get invited to a fancy party hosted by her boss. Miranda wants to get promoted, and the boss's wife wants a lesbian couple to enter their circle. It's pretty darn hilarious if you ask me.


"The Power of Female Sex"
The picture is of Carrie finding an envelope left by her lover filled with $1000, but I think the best part of the episode is when Charlotte models her vag for a professional painter. Charlotte is my favorite!


"The Baby Shower"
The girls attend a baby shower for their old friend Laney, who Samantha always hated. One funny part is when Charlotte finds out that Laney stole the baby name Charlotte had made up for her future child, Shayla. Charlotte tells Samantha, who looks Laney dead in the eye and shouts "YOU BITCH!," and they storm out of the baby shower. Later, Samantha hosts an "I Don't Have a Baby Shower." How clever, Samantha!

In other news, we're watching The Matrix in my English class. I had never seen it, but I cannot believe what I've been missing out on. I mean, look at that outfit:

I sure hope this is what the future holds!

Sorry, that last bit had absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the post. I feel silly ending with "And that's why I like Sex & The City," but I think I will anyway. toodles

And that's why I like Sex & The City.


  1. I'm so sad I missed out on this! How did it goooo?!

  2. I love sex and the city! I think my favorite would have to be carrie, charlotte is a close second though :)

  3. i love the baby shower episode! definitely one of my favorites as well!

  4. hello.
    the matrix is AMAZING!!